Success Story Hela


In 1905, Hermann Laue founded his spice trade in Hamburg. From buying, selling and refining spices, the focus over the years turned to spice blends for meat and sausage production as well as gastronomy. This was followed in 1963 by one of the company's most successful products: Hela spiced ketchup. Hela now operates at ten locations worldwide with over 600 employees.


Hela has already successfully closed security gaps before a compromise occurred, thanks to secion's Active Cyber Defense Service. For example, the company's IT staff were alerted to ongoing Exchange attacks in March 2021 and implemented all necessary security measures in good time.

Following the requirements of our cyber insurance, we initially planned to implement a SIEM. After a detailed evaluation, we initially decided on the 24/7 Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service of the Hamburg-based security company secion. We already know from the many years of trustful cooperation that we are relying on a very competent and experienced partner at home in IT security. After a short time, we saw for ourselves that the ACD service is a leaner, more cost-effective, and more secure solution compared to a comprehensive SIEM to detect anomalies in our network immediately. Since the beginning of the cooperation, secion's SOC team has already informed us about critical compromises and thus saved us from significant consequential damage.

Jürgen Lunow Team Leader IT System Support at Hela Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue GmbH