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So-called "automated penetration tests" are not accurate penetration tests but merely vulnerability scans with a misleading name. With our penetration tests, you achieve a comprehensive picture of how you are positioned in the face of real attacks. In addition to technical information on vulnerabilities and their remediation, we also highlight the specific threats to your operational business and provide strategic recommendations for measures to improve your security level sustainably.

Clemens Rambow Offensive Security Consultant, secion GmbH

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The six most frequently asked questions about penetration testing.

1. Which pentest procedures does secion offer?

We offer all variants of penetration testing. In addition to the white box, black box, and grey box audit methods, this also includes, for example, the internal perpetrator simulation, the social engineering audit, the phishing simulation, and red teaming. As part of a full-scope security audit, we examine technical aspects and the crucial elements of your physical, organizational, and process-related IT security.

2. What distinguishes the secion pentester?

Our Offensive Security Consultants possess meaningful certifications (e.g., OSCP, OSCE, OSWE) and ensure or continuously expand their excellent level of competence through regular training and internal research. We base our test procedures on established standards and security research projects (e.g., PTES, OWASP) and adapt them to developments in IT security research at any time.

3. Is it advisable to carry out an internal perpetrator simulation?

Yes! Typically, internal networks often contain too few effective control mechanisms, carelessly maintained or even undocumented systems, and difficult authorization assignment. If such IT security gaps exist, it becomes possible for an internal attacker to gain control over the entire IT environment quickly.

4. Is a social engineering audit also part of the range of services?

Yes, our IT security experts check your employees' security awareness as part of this analysis scenario. It often makes sense, for example, to combine an internal perpetrator simulation with aspects of social engineering to additionally test compliance with internal guidelines or the effectiveness of physical protection measures.

5. How does a pentest differ from a vulnerability scan?

High-quality penetration tests are much more than vulnerability scans - they include individual manual testing activities and look at layers such as Active Directory, network segmentation, and attacker attack chain formation.

6. Is there a personal meeting in addition to the documentation of the results?

Yes. The results of our audits not only include technical documentation of the weak points and remedial measures but also go well beyond industry standards in the scope of the report. This also includes personal discussion and debate of the findings to ensure optimal knowledge transfer to our customers.

We commissioned secion's cybersecurity experts to conduct a penetration test. Among other things, they checked provided services accessible via the external IP addresses at the time of the tests. By implementing their recommendations to eliminate the identified IT vulnerabilities, we could significantly increase our security level.

Markus von Oppenkowski Deutsche Tamoil GmbH

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