We are experts in cyber defense
and protect your organization from cyber attacks, industrial espionage, and extortion.

How good is your IT security?

We tell you - and make it better!

Are you comprehensively armed against a possible cyberattack at this point? By taking appropriate protective measures in good time, you can work with us to prevent them from being successfully exploited by hackers.

With an individual Cyber Strategy, we protect your organization sustainably against the next cyberattack!

Develop your Cyber Strategy with us!

Don't be lulled into a sense of security just yet!

We know: You need more than just firewall & co!

Classic, signature-based AV products only offer essential protection against malware attacks because new malware variants are created faster than they can be analyzed. Crucial to your network security is a proactive 24/7 incident response and threat hunting solution that allows you to identify attack activities immediately.

Our Active Cyber Defense Service complements your classic protection modules as an additional security layer and raises your company's security level to a significantly higher level.

Ready? Go on a hacker hunt with us now!