Industrial Security Strategy

Industrial Security Strategy

You need a comprehensive IT security concept for your industrial plants.

Your production processes are networked to the greatest possible extent. You use intelligent machines and benefit from a comprehensively digital automation network: To what time has the former future version Industry 4.0 already found its way into your company?

The fact is: The "fourth industrial revolution" is continuing to advance in Germany.

The successful model of Digitalization 4.0 can only be profitable for your company in the long term if your networked processes are protected against attacks from cyberspace.

With the use of technologies from standard IT, the vulnerabilities and threats are known from them also reach your process controls. The resulting gateway for attackers is immense!

  • What about your process plants' security and availability, two of the most critical operating factors?
  • What organizational solutions are recommended to ensure productively and at the same time secure collaboration between IT and OT (Operational Technology)?
  • How do you maintain your employees' physical protection, machines, and environment (Safety)?
  • How can you minimize the probability of occurrence and the damage consequences of widespread attack types such as WannaCry or NotPetya - and prevent potentially fatal consequences from attacks such as TRISIS?

The most important reasons why you should care about industrial security now

  1. Prevent equipment failures and thus ensure the availability of your production.
  2. Avoid physical damage and maintain safety within your automation process.
  3. Prevent recalls, e.g., by ensuring the integrity of configurations, such as the correct settings for the mixing ratio of anti-rust paints.
  4. Secure or strengthen customer confidence by demonstrating high quality and safe processes (IEC 62443 certification***).
  5. Avoid negative publicity and associated reputational damage that a production failure would cause.
  6. As an operator of critical infrastructures, "KRITIS" remains legally compliant concerning the IT Security Act. There are severe penalties for demonstrable non-compliance.****
  7. Reduce cyber insurance premiums by demonstrating a high level of protection.

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