Cyber Security Workshop

Cyber Security Workshop

Cyber Defense Training Center!

This event will inspire decision-makers from management and personnel development and technical contacts with important information and practical examples. The lectures provide the basis for used techniques of attackers and current examples of known security incidents.

Finally, the imparted knowledge is tested in simulated attack scenarios:

  • Recording the attack situation found in the team
  • Developing reactive measures
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the techniques used

After this workshop, participants will be able to classify attack scenarios and understand how hacking attacks are carried out.

Horror scenario cyber attack: Test the efficiency and effectiveness of your behavior in simulated attack scenarios

  • Record the attack situation found in the team: analyze the actual situation and define organizational measures. Which responsibilities should be defined within the team?
  • Which analysis tools should you use? How do you analyze log files from different systems?
  • Develop reactive measures: Interpret the analyzed log files and use them to defend against attacks. Learn how to close vulnerabilities found with your existing systems and onboard resources.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your measures: Discuss the approaches found with experts and participants.

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