Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability management is one of the essential building blocks of a company's cyber strategy. By implementing an automated vulnerability management solution, you, as the IT security manager, ensure a secure process for reducing your company's IT vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management ensures that vulnerabilities are continuously identified, investigated, and prioritized across the entire attack surface. Precise information on all assets and IT vulnerabilities is continually made available via a central platform.

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3 FAQs on Vulnerability Management

1. What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management is an automated process that proactively scans your company's IT infrastructure for existing vulnerabilities.

The vulnerability scanner recognizes the IT infrastructure components in question and finds the IT security vulnerabilities that exist here. Databases containing information on known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, such as:

  • Vulnerabilities due to missing security updates
  • Vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations
  • Insecure encryption settings
  • Shared or inadequately secured shares
  • Insufficient patch levels of software and services
  • Use of default passwords

Suppose the vulnerability scanner identifies IT security gaps. In that case, these are assigned severity levels (e.g., low, medium, high, critical) and sent to the IT security managers in the form of a report with corresponding recommendations for action. It also provides IT management with regular statistical reports. A routine vulnerability scan thus enables new vulnerabilities to be identified immediately and patched with precision.

2. Vulnerability management, penetration testing - or both? How can I achieve maximum security for my company?

When designing a sustainable IT security strategy, both penetration tests and continuous vulnerability scanning are of elementary importance. Both IT security reviews provide concrete recommendations for action to eliminate any identified IT security vulnerabilities and should be implemented as a package of measures. This ensures that vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure are discovered before attackers do so.

Compared to the (for example, annual) penetration test, IT vulnerability scanning provides an exact statement about the infrastructure's existing IT security level to be tested at much shorter intervals (e.g., monthly or weekly).

To achieve reliable protection against hacker attacks, data theft, and industrial espionage, our cybersecurity experts recommend regularly scanning the entire IT infrastructure for new vulnerabilities even after a penetration test has been completed.

3. Where does vulnerability management fit into my cyber strategy?

In the context of vulnerability management, a vulnerability scan provides an initial essential insight into potentially existing vulnerabilities, particularly in infrastructure analyses, and therefore often serves as the basis for further manual IT security checks, including penetration tests. After analyzing the automatically found vulnerabilities by the vulnerability scanner, our cybersecurity experts recommend a comprehensive manual analysis of these by the penetration tester. The focus here is, among other things, on the non-authorized exploitation of implemented functions.

Compared to scanning, the penetration test procedure is multi-stage: the penetration tester makes targeted and intelligent inquiries of the system and combines different vulnerabilities if necessary. The vulnerabilities identified from the previous phase provide the first clues for his further action. Once known gaps have been identified, the required exploits are deployed to exploit them. This enables him to assess how high the actual risk of using a vulnerability is.

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The following questions, among others, will be answered during the webinar:

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  • Why does a vulnerability scan not replace a penetration test? But why do both measures together make a good team?
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