Active Cyber Defense Service

24/7 Managed Detection and Response – without SIEM and your own SOC?

Proactive intrusion detection for the highest level of network security.

Our Active Cyber Defense Team will inform you if action is required.

Bookable as full managed service for a monthly service fee from € 1,400,-.

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Following the requirements of our cyber insurance, we initially planned to implement a SIEM. After a detailed evaluation, we chose the 24/7 Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service from the Hamburg-based security company Allgeier secion. We already know from the many years of trustful cooperation that we are relying on a very competent and experienced partner at home in IT security. After only a short time, we were able to see for ourselves that the ACD service is a leaner, more cost-effective, and more secure solution compared to a SIEM for immediately detecting anomalies in our network. Since the beginning of our cooperation, Allgeier secion's SOC team has already informed us about critical compromises and thus saved us from significant consequential damage.

Jürgen Lunow Team leader IT system support / Head of IT system support

Be informed about attackers immediately.

Active Cyber Defense lets you know 24/7 if attack activity is taking place on your network!

Relieve your IT security team

We show you that you no longer need a SOC, SIEM, or forensics!

Financial planning security

With Active Cyber Defense, you choose a managed service at a fixed price.

24/7 proactive hacker defense - without SIEM and SOC!

Too little budget, no human resources, not enough know-how?
No problem with our Active Cyber Defense Service!

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Our customers

Why collect terabytes of logs and spend a lot of time analyzing them when you can focus on the truly relevant information instead?

With Active Cyber Defense, time consuming log file analysis is a thing of the past!

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Why set up a costly SOC when it's easier?

Optimize your resources with our Active Cyber Defense Service!

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Post-mortem forensics was yesterday.

Attack now with Active Cyber Defense and hunt down the attackers before they cause millions in damage!

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How long will it take before an attacker manages to penetrate your network? Crucial to your network security is the early identification of this activity. With our Active Cyber Defense service, attack activity is immediately made visible on your network.
You'll suddenly be able to reduce your security incident response time from months to just a few days or even hours - giving you a decisive edge over cyber criminals.

Johannes Müller-Lahn Head of Delivery - Active Cyber Defense, Allgeier secion GmbH

No time for your IT security?

You don't need to: Active Cyber Defense reports 24/7 registered suspicious cases in your network - and our ACD team informs you as soon as action is necessary.

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Already hunted hackers today?

Request your quote for our Active Cyber Defense Service now. Become the hunter with us - instead of being the hunted!

24/7 network security at transparent costs - for responsible CISOs, CEOs, and IT managers!

  • No more financial damage from cyber attacks.
  • Be informed immediately when an attacker is on the network!
  • Relieve the IT security team - no SOC - no SIEM - no forensics.

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