Success Story Gartner KG


Peter Gartner laid the foundation stone of the company's success in 1918: He delivered coal, gravel, sand and other building materials in the surrounding area with horse-drawn carts. Today, Gartner KG, headquartered in Edt, Upper Austria, is still firmly in family hands. However, with 19 locations in 8 countries and around 3,900 employees, the company has developed into one of the largest transport companies in Austria and one of the leading logistics service providers in Europe in its now more than 100-year history.


Thanks to secion's holistic security test, Gartner KG was able to raise its IT security to a new level. The entire infrastructure was examined for previously unknown security risks and the effectiveness of protective measures already implemented was tested. The social engineering audit also made employees across all departments and hierarchy levels particularly aware of threats posed by cybercriminals and anchored increased security awareness in the corporate culture.

In the course of increasing digitalization, we need to know permanently where we stand with our IT security. The pentest and social engineering audit gave us a deep and unbiased look at our processes and security measures. We were particularly interested in secion's approach, which differed significantly from other providers, and have set ourselves the goal of permanent testing. We will also take a look at the Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service in this context.

Markus Fuerlinger Authorized signatory and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Gartner KG