Success Story Elbe Werkstätten


Elbe-Werkstätten offers vocational training and work opportunities in the Hamburg area to people who, due to a disability, cannot or cannot yet be employed on the general labor market. As one of the major players for the interests of people with disabilities, they actively support the inclusion process in society and are a reliable cooperation partner for their customers, among others in the business areas Packaging, Electrical and Assembly, Gastronomy or even Digitalization. The goal is the best possible qualification and integration in the world of work to enable more equal opportunities and professional participation. With around 3100 employees, Elbe-Werkstätten is one of the 20 largest employers in the Hamburg metropolitan region and a valued partner of companies, social institutions and public authorities


With the integration of proactive early attack detection, Elbe-Werkstätten were able to significantly increase the level of their IT security once again. The Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service monitors all networks around the clock for unusual activity. Immediately after implementation, conspicuous communication from an uninstalled antivirus program could already be identified and prevented. As a managed service for early attack detection, Allgeier secion's IT Security Service provides effective protection while requiring significantly fewer resources than alternative solutions such as SIEM tools.

"We wanted to make our IT security future-proof. That's why we decided to proactively implement all the requirements that, for example, the BSI specifies for this or that cyber insurance companies require when taking out policies. Our initial plan was to implement a SIEM. However, it quickly became apparent that this solution was too complex, too time-consuming, and too expensive for us. Instead, we opted for the 24/7 Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service. We have been working with Allgeier secion in the area of IT security for a long time. And here, too, it turned out to be a good decision to go down this path together. The setup was surprisingly quick and uncomplicated, with only two appointments of one and a half hours each. And we are also very satisfied with the result: ACD is a very, very good and successful solution for Elbe-Werkstätten to be able to guarantee good early attack detection with little personnel and financial effort."

Karsten Koschewski Head of IT and Logistics at Elbe-Werkstätten