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Like a pandemic, a security incident cannot be sat out. At the latest, when there is a suspicion of compromise, this is the last chance to take immediate stock of hidden attack activities. Only in this way is it possible to generate visibility at an early stage and effectively limit negative effects - while later the only option is usually to radically reset the entire IT environment - while at the same time causing massive damage to business operations and reputation.

Steven McKenzie IT Security Analyst

Research approach of the Compromise Assessment

When conducting a Compromise Assessment, our IT security consultants use techniques from the fields of forensics and threat hunting that are specifically designed to effectively and reliably uncover traces of attack activities. These so-called Indicators of Compromise (IOC) are inevitably left behind during cyber attacks - and detected by our Compromise Assessment. By analyzing and evaluating the IOCs, the systems affected by attacks can be identified on the one hand, and the exploited IT vulnerabilities can be revealed on the other. Based on this, our IT security consultants provide target-oriented recommendations for action to close the detected security gaps. Any attacks that are still in progress are reliably stopped - and future attacks are prevented.

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Techniques used

Depending on the initial situation, the following activities and techniques from the areas of forensics and threat hunting are used, among others:

  • Placement of network sensors; live network threat hunting (including C2/beaconing detection, client signatures, network anomalies, DNS analysis)
  • Conversion, preparation, and, if necessary, indexing of source data
  • General AV & IOC scans
  • Log analysis including derivation of specific attack activities and investigation of potential follow-up activities
  • Integrity and plausibility check of log data
  • Examination for artifacts regarding lateral movement, privilege escalation, credential access, etc.
  • Iterative custom scans based on threat intelligence and internal findings
  • Code deobfuscation & analysis/malware analysis
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