Incident Detection & Response

Incident Detection & Response

The enemy in your network: Were you hacked last night? Have your attacks identified in real-time from now on!

Today, valid detection of cyberattacks at the earliest stage of the attack is only possible through automated identification of anomalies in your complex IT environment's operations. To automatically and unambiguously detect cyberattacks and insider threats from the large amount of log information generated daily by your IT systems, our cybersecurity consultants recommend complementary IT security monitoring and evaluation by an IDR-based analysis system (Incident Detection & Response). Using an IDR system ensures that conspicuous changes to user accounts and the unusual occurrence of new processes on your server or client systems are identified immediately.

With increasing digitalization, companies' attack surface is growing, while hackers are developing more advanced attack methods ever. This makes it all the more important to identify a cyberattack promptly and take the proper measures to minimize damage. Just one week after a successful cyberattack, the damage has more than doubled on average. Together with our partner Rapid7 and the cloud-based platform InsightIDR, we ensure 20x faster identification and response to security incidents.

Tim Heinsohn Cyber Security Experte für IDR, secion GmbH

How do you monitor activity on your network - 24/7?

Ensure immediate threat detection of compromised user accounts or IT systems 24/7 now with our Incident Detection & Response solution InsightIDR:

Detect and investigate attacks on your network in real-time.

InsightIDR combines endpoint forensics, log search, and user-facing dashboards into one solution. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool collect data from existing network security tools, authentication protocols, and endpoints.

To do this, the solution aggregates the data on a local collector or a dedicated host computer that centralizes the information - identifying unauthorized external and internal access and highlighting suspicious activity.

This gives you a real-time view of what's happening on your network without having to monitor thousands of data streams yourself.

Early identification and remediation of IT security vulnerabilities.

InsightIDR correlates log data already available in the enterprise, such as firewall logs, AD logs, DHCP and DNS logs, email logs, etc., and analyzes them for suspicious activity. Once the InsightIDR tool has identified a security incident, our cybersecurity consultants define recommended actions to eliminate the detected vulnerabilities and advise you on further mitigating the uncovered security risks. To this end, you benefit from our experience from many penetration tests, IT security consultations, and forensic analyses during this (SaaS) solution's implementation and operation.

Comprehensive visibility, analysis and automation capabilities.

Our Incident Detection & Response solution InsightIDR instantly identifies unauthorized external and internal access and highlights suspicious activity.

To do this, it combines an advanced SIEM with User Behavior Analytics and Attacker Behavior Analytics techniques to detect incidents within the IT infrastructure to support your incident response team.

Other product features that benefit you

InsightIDR's cloud architecture and intuitive user interface allow you to centralize and analyze data across protocols, networks, and endpoints, so you can get results in a matter of hours.

Other features of InsightIDR:

  • Microsoft Office 356 Account Monitoring
  • Monitoring of the AWS environment
  • Analysis of network traffic for suspicious activity
  • Identification of changes to defined files (file integrity monitoring)
  • Implementation of honeypots, honeyusers, and honeyfiles in your infrastructure to expose suspicious activity in the shortest time possible
  • Orchestration of defensive measures through so-called playbooks in the sense of automated incident handling
  • Standardized case management (connection of third-party providers, such as Jira or ServiceNow)
  • Managed service by Rapid7 (24x7)