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Securing the online banking account, the e-mail inbox or access to the corporate cloud with a password is no longer sufficient given the current threat situation. MFA, multi-factor authentication, is a much more secure alternative for protecting sensitive areas. With MFA, two or even more credentials, so-called factors, are combined. But how exactly does multi-factor authentication work - and why should you also rely on this secure procedure? This article provides the answers.

The professional field of IT security is an interesting career option due to the constantly high threat posed by cybercrime. One of the most responsible positions is that of the CISO, the Chief Information Security Officer. The CISO is the head of information security in an organization. He enjoys a future-proof, financially attractive job with varied tasks and creative freedom. This blog post describes the career path to the Chief Information Security Officer.

54 percent of German companies have significantly increased their spending on IT security in 2021 - according to the results of a recent IT security survey conducted by the German Internet Industry Association (eco). (eco). Due to the increased threat situation in the area of cybercrime, decision-makers in companies are now investing more in IT security.

Due to the war in Ukraine, secion provides an assessment of the threat situation for companies and examines the question of whether increased Russian attacks on companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be identified. There is currently no evidence of an acute increase in the threat posed by Russian state actors in Western Europe, but there is increased public awareness of these cyberattacks. In addition, "third-party actors" are creating a new dynamic.

Influenced by Hollywood, many people have a stereotype of the classic hacker in their minds. In movies, hackers are often loners who penetrate systems under time pressure and hounded by investigators. In fact, a career as a penetration tester also comes with exciting tasks and good career options. In reality, however, the work is usually somewhat less dramatic.