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IT security plays a particularly important role at Kellner Telecom GmbH. Not only because the medium-sized company works with corporate customers from the critical infrastructure sector who demand IT security standards that can be proven by ISO certifications. ACD, the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service from Allgeier secion, helps the company to meet the high security requirements of its KRITIS customers.

After hackers managed to successfully compromise the systems of a subsidiary of the FORUM Media Group, the affected network had to be completely rebuilt at great expense. After the attempted attack (fortunately, no data was leaked or encrypted), the internationally active media company commissioned the IT security experts from Allgeier secion. The aim was to have the company's own IT security checked externally in order to prevent any further security incidents of this kind.

The IT system provider CTL Computertechnik Lang uses Allgeier secion's Active Cyber Defense service for early attack detection at one of its customers. The "Managed Detection and Response Solution" enables the permanent monitoring of network traffic for anomalies and the timely detection of command & control communication of potential attackers. The result: a convinced reseller and enthusiastic customer who now even uses ACD himself.

SPIE Switzerland Ltd. was looking for a reliable service for early attack detection that could also protect non-agent-based security solutions - and found "an effective and innovative solution with an excellent price/performance ratio" in the Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service.

Counting as part of the critical infrastructure (KRITIS), Stadtwerke Tuttlingen must meet particularly strict, legally prescribed security requirements in the area of IT security, among other things, in accordance with Section 10 (1) BSIG (BSI Criticality Ordinance). The basic utility brought Allgeier secion on board as an external IT security expert to have its own IT protection measures audited and to position itself securely for the future.

The game developer Yager Development GmbH complements preventive IT security measures with a managed detection and response solution. The company opted - instead of initially considering a SIEM solution - for the Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service, the effective, resource-saving solution for early attack detection.

The number of cyberattacks on organizations is rising rapidly. Educational institutions are also affected. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV) wanted to supplement its already established preventive security measures with a proactive early warning system and chose ACD - the effective, resource-saving solution for early attack detection.

Weitzer Parkett - one of Europe's leading parquet manufacturers - wanted to effectively and permanently strengthen its own IT security within the company. In order to respond to the acutely increased threat situation, the endpoint security used was to be supplemented by a solution that would enable proactive monitoring of all systems in the network. After extensive research, those responsible decided to use Allgeier secion's lean but effective Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service instead of the initially considered SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution - just in time to nip a Log4j attack in the bud.

In order to close potential IT security gaps, sensitize its own employees and be prepared for the worst case scenario, the Versorgungswerk der Zahnärztekammer Berlin commissioned Allgeier secion with a comprehensive, three-part IT security audit. In addition to a black box and a social engineering audit, the incident response readiness strategy was also put to the test.

As an inclusive institution, Elbe-Werkstätten has an increased security risk when it comes to IT security. In addition to already existing, established security solutions, further measures in the area of "Managed Protection and Response" (MDR) should therefore be added. The condition: It had to work simply, be affordable and also be implementable with a small team. After some research, those responsible decided on Allgeier secion's lean but effective Active Cyber Defense (ACD) service instead of their own SIEM solution (Security Information and Event Management), which they had initially considered.