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More than half of the companies surveyed in the Ivanti study suffer from a lack of staff - especially in the area of IT specialists. A representative survey by Bitkom is even more dramatic: here, seven out of ten companies state a shortage of IT specialists. For the available IT experts in the companies, this means: more work with less time. Successfully carried out cyber attacks are thus detected more slowly, insufficiently combated and at the same time phishing attacks occur more frequently. A real vicious circle is brewing on the horizon of digitalisation. What solutions are there?

The constantly growing number of cyber attacks makes it clear that an IT security early warning system for the defence against cyber threats is becoming increasingly important. Such a system can be implemented with the help of network monitoring and anomaly detection. However, the basis for an efficient implementation is to ensure the complete control and analysis of the data.

There are a variety of cyber threats to corporate information security. Some of them are characterized by their particularly high threat potential or an insidious infection path. Other threats are difficult to detect and that is why they are so dangerous. This article looks at the five most dangerous cyber threats to network security today - and which defense techniques are effective.

The headlines about successful cyber attacks are not coming to an end - on the contrary. The topic of IT security has become a central issue for companies, and most of those responsible have realised the dangers posed by hacker attacks. But what about the IT security situation in municipalities? Both financially and in terms of knowledge, the cyber security of cities in Germany often lags behind the minimum standards. With what consequences?

The number of ransomware attacks has increased enormously in recent years. Due to the Corona pandemic, many employees still work from home. This situation has created new challenges for corporate IT security. Home office security vulnerabilities threaten both employees and the entire corporate network. 10 tips from our experts improve your ransomware protection and help to effectively close the home office security gaps.

Cyber threats know no seasons, no country borders and no opening hours. By now, almost every company is at risk of becoming the target of a planned cyber attack. If you do not have a fully developed cyber emergency plan ready in your drawer, the consequences can be drastic. With our hacking attack tips, we would like to provide you with first aid in the event of a cyberattack. Find out here which measures you and your IT security should definitely take - and why the help of security experts is advisable if the worst comes to the worst.

Cyber threats are omnipresent and can threaten the existence of companies - this is now widely known. At the same time, there are still glaring gaps in the area of IT security measures in many companies. IT security management aims to comprehensively prepare companies for potential cyber threats. The current and future IT security situation requires a broad and specialised set-up of IT security management. A guide with 5 important measures that should not be missing in any case!

The growing number of cyberthreats and cyberattacks is placing ever greater demands on IT security. This now affects all companies - from individual companies to global corporations - primarily due to the high degree of digitalisation. As a result, new professions in IT security are constantly emerging. One of these is the cyber security analyst. A profession with a lot of responsibility, good earning opportunities and, above all, a high degree of future security.

While manufacturing companies invest extensively in the necessary digital infrastructure for the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), IT security usually falls by the wayside. IT security measures against cyber threats and various cyber attacks are too often still based on outdated security concepts. This article explains why multi-layered cyber defence systems are now indispensable and how threat hunting and active cyber defence can significantly increase IT security in a production company.