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While manufacturing companies invest extensively in the necessary digital infrastructure for the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), IT security usually falls by the wayside. IT security measures against cyber threats and various cyber attacks are too often still based on outdated security concepts. This article explains why multi-layered cyber defence systems are now indispensable and how threat hunting and active cyber defence can significantly increase IT security in a production company.

The entire world is becoming more digital - and this development does not stop at the health sector. The increasingly targeted cyber attacks, which affect the CRITIS sector in particular, make it essential to upgrade IT security in hospitals and similar healthcare facilities. Minimum standards for IT security, CRITIS requirements, certifications and guidelines can significantly increase IT security in a hospital. The central goal is to prevent cyber threats from interfering with daily operations.

The relevance of a carefully executed IT integration is still underestimated by the management. IT integration must not cost anything and must be completed in the shortest possible time, according to management. The problem is that the dependency of business processes on IT is enormous. This article explains why you have to pay special attention to IT and how you can reliably maintain IT security during a system migration.

Industry 4.0 and the IoT are no longer a marginal phenomenon - but have long since arrived in many manufacturing companies. IT security in industry must counter the new threat situations and try to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals. With specialized service providers and services, IT security in industry can counter all cyber attacks!