Hacking to listen to: The 5 most popular IT security podcasts from our IT security consultants


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Hacking you can listen to: 5 popular IT security podcasts

Hacking for listening: This is why our security consultants love podcasts

In Germany, podcasts are high on the popularity scale. The digital association Bitkom has put this into concrete figures in a study: 56% of the younger population regularly listen to exciting interviews or moving stories in audio streams, compared with around 43% of the population as a whole. It is interesting to note that podcasts are predominantly listened to incidentally - especially while driving in the car or on public transportation. The "information to listen to" is well on its way to displacing traditional radio. In addition to videos and books, our IT security consultants also love podcasts as a way to obtain continuous, in-depth (and sometimes entertaining) information about insider knowledge and current trends in cybersecurity. Here, our IT Security Consultants present their TOP 5 podcast recommendations on ethical hacking.

TOP 5 Podcasts - The recommendations of our IT Security Consultants

Top 1: Darknet Diaries

  • Frequency: 2 x per month
  • Language: English

The podcast "Darknet Diaries" by host Jack Rhysider is aimed at anyone interested in IT. Technical expertise is not required to follow the 30 to 60 minute episodes in radio play quality. The podcasts, produced to a high standard, captivate the listener from the very first second with appropriate background music. Each of the now 125 episodes deals with a single topic, which is meticulously analyzed through audio material, interviews and narration. The host uses documented cases to show how hacks are carried out, what means are used by the attackers and also how vulnerable each individual user is. Especially the reference to "real hacker attacks" makes the podcast incredibly exciting. Be sure to listen in!

Top 2: The Hacker Factory

  • Frequency: 1 x weekly
  • Language: English

"The Hacker Factory" by Phillip Wylie (himself a security expert with over two decades of experience in information technology and cybersecurity) focuses on the role of the professional hacker on the "good side." With his guests from a wide variety of IT security fields, he shares a common curiosity and passion for the many challenges in the industry. Discussed will be different specializations in hacking, such as ways and opportunities to become a successful ethical hacker yourself. Along the way, mysteries and misconceptions surrounding the profession of professional hacking are cleared up, which sometimes persistently circulate even among cybersecurity experts. The podcast is aimed at interested laymen and professionals alike and is always part of the weekly program for our IT security consultants.

Top 3: Unsupervised Learning – Daniel Miessler

  • Frequency: 1 x weekly
  • Language: English

Anyone working in the field of IT security will be familiar with Daniel Miessler. As one of the world's leading cybersecurity experts, Daniel Miessler is a regular speaker at industry events. He has been offering a weekly podcast, Unsupervised Learning, since as early as 2015. When a cybersecurity topic makes it into the news, you can be sure that shortly thereafter the topic will also be covered extensively on Daniel Miessler's podcast. The host manages to dive deep into the subject matter without overwhelming laypeople or beginners with too much technical expertise. With his calm, unagitated manner, Daniel Miessler captivates his listeners - and has made his podcast an absolute must for all interested parties and industry insiders.

Top 4: Zeroday

  • Frequency: 1-2x per month
  • Language: German

In the "Zeroday" podcast, the hosts, Stefan Ebeling and Sven Hauptmann, have been presenting techniques, hardware and software that are suitable for attacking IT systems - or protecting them from attacks - since 2016. Each episode covers security topics in detail, entertainingly and enriched with real insider information, such as attacks via USB, online tracking, backup & restore, social engineering and cloud security. With some episodes lasting more than four hours, listeners receive a great deal of detailed information about IT security and data protection. Zeroday is available on all major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer.

Top 5: Security Weekly

  • Frequency: weekly
  • Language: English

The Security Weekly team has been providing listeners around the world with relevant IT security topics for over 10 years and has won numerous awards. The podcasts combine concentrated expertise with practical implementation suggestions and thus ensure that the IT world becomes a little bit safer. Security Weekly focuses on a wide range of topics with an emphasis on ethical hacking. If you want to ensure more security in your own network, you can't do without Security Weekly.

Additional tip: „Legion: Hacking Anonymous“ (ARD Podcast)

The ARD Audiothek currently has a highly interesting podcast, which we are listing as an additional tip on the recommendation of our consultants. The podcast is dedicated to the hacker collective Anonymous, which in early 2022 addressed Vladimir Putin directly with a declaration of war. The ARD podcasters have traveled through Europe and made contact with people who are part of Anonymous - and have changed the Internet. Who is behind Anonymous, which side is the collective on and what is the motivation? "Legion: Hacking Anonymous" is explicitly not only aimed at IT security enthusiasts, and perhaps that's why it's particularly exciting, particularly informative, and definitely particularly worth listening to!


Cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats worldwide - and "fatally", hardly any other industry is subject to such dynamics as IT security. White-hat hackers therefore penetrate corporate networks with an official mandate to identify vulnerabilities early on and fix security loopholes. But new threats emerge almost daily, and IT security teams have to face them. For those who want to stay on the ball and up-to-date, podcasts provide an additional and free information medium. Our podcast tips are explicitly not only aimed at experts - rather, we want to demonstrate the importance of ethical hacking to beginners and laypeople as well. Would you like to learn more about the career opportunities as a "white hat hacker" in the field of pentesting at Allgeier Secion? Then please feel free to contact us!

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