BSI publishes survey on increased attack surface for cybercriminals through the home office - a comment by Marcus Henschel


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The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) regularly conducts surveys on IT security in the German economy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated protective measures, the year 2020 has presented companies and organizations with complex and diverse challenges. The pandemic has once again demonstrated the importance of functioning and secure IT infrastructures. The home office or remote work can offer a unique attack surface in this context, mainly if many employees work from home in the short term as a containment measure for the pandemic.

Because of these remarkable developments, the BSI conducted a study this year to shed light on these particular circumstances and challenges. In a nationally representative survey, 1000 companies were asked about their home office situation. You can find the complete study result here.

A commentary by Marcus Henschel, CEO of secion GmbH

"The GDPR is only one (important) side aspect here. Companies have neglected the cyber risks associated with home offices. From an operational point of view, is partly even understandable, as thousands of home offices have been "opened up" in a very short time. However, we see that 3 out of 7 successful cyberattacks on companies had their origin in the home office.

This finding is also supported by the survey published yesterday by the BSI, which indicates that about a quarter of the companies affected in the Corona period said they suffered existence-threatening or severe damage."

Home office will stay - but your IT security must adapt!

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